Welcome to Medplus Solutions!

Puerto Rico's most innovative and advanced provider of pharmacy and heathcare services.


What are we about ?

Saving lives.  We provide solutions that personalize, simplify and improve the process of care of any patient in Puerto Rico and beyond.

Medplus Solutions is an enterprise group based in Puerto Rico and founded in 2011 with the goal of transforming the patient experience.   We provide innovative medication and population management services to diverse groups of patients and can tailor our solutions to any groups needs.

Our first project, Medplus/A+ Pharmacy, set us up as the first closed door pharmacy in Puerto Rico dedicated to servicing the needs of the Long Term Care patient.   Our commitment and focus on this sector has made us the leader in this acutely vulnerable sector.   Our solutions offering goes beyond simple medication management and now numerous services that assist our clients with different aspects of their operations and regulatory compliance.   Medplus/A+ Pharmacy is the only provider in Puerto Rico accredited by the ACHC for Long Term Care Pharmacy Services.

In 2018, we started the Medplus Specialty & Compounding pharmacy.   Medplus Specialty is focused on providing personalized solutions to patients.   Our compounding lab is one of the most advanced labs in the Carribean and the only one accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) for non-sterile compounding.   Our areas of practice include fertility, anti-aging, dermatologic, nasal and veterinary compounding.  Our clinical practice team at Medplus Specialty offers advanced management programs for the care of patients with complex conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disease, hemophelia as well as many other.   Our specialty pharmacy is also accredited by ACHC.

Medplus Solutions is an entrepreneurial pharmacy group with unique capabilities that is able to implement customized solutions for any of your patient management needs.   Please reach out to us and let's find a better way to save lives together.